Hey there and welcome to my site! Here you will find trailers, teasers, and excerpts from whatever stories are currently buzzing around in my head. My site is also a place where I hope to promote other indie authors like myself whose work I am excited about, as well as any artists, musicians, etc. that catch my eye.

I see the world through art; trying to look beyond mere aesthetics and find the beauty and meaning in everything. I measure my own creative success by whether I am able to relay that beauty and meaning to others through my work. I hope that you will find something here that you enjoy!

No matter the miles or silence or space

I know your face —The Necessary Ones

“I still feel you
In thin places
Less like barbed wire
More like remembering
Home”–Thin Places


“if your eyes on me

were ink I’d seal them

under my skin

I’d resurrect the feel of

your arms around me

I’d gather all the fragments

of you and I’d sew them

to the soles of my soul

and let them carry me” –Only for a Moment



“Here everything and nothing would pass between them. Here it was all a lie.”-Requiem For The Fallen

“No one, she thought, had ever understood the nature of love…how love went beyond flutters in the heart, pining and yearning, or even beyond hatred and loathing. Love runs blood deep; permanent, inescapable.” –Requiem For The Fallen


“I was thinking of how, when we think of loss in our life, how our sense of ‘home’ was the first thing to go. You know, we lose that place of childhood innocence, of feeling protected. And so many of us spend the rest of our lives trying to reclaim that place called home, that life made simple again.” –Finding What Is

“Sometimes skin to ground [is] the most comforting place; nowhere to go but up.” –Finding What Is

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“Sometimes the peace of doing what is morally right does not leave the doer with a euphoric inner glow; sometimes it is miserable, to the point of breaking the heart. It’s masochistic sabotage.”- Tomorrow Is A Long Time

“Spring roused the lilac bushes in the garden below into full bloom and the air was filled with the scent of open meadows speckled with blossoms…I wanted to lie down in that scent of lilacs and run back through my memory until I found the place before everyone had gone away. I’d find that place and stay there, suspended; there with the sun and the heat and the scent of lilacs.” –A Different Path