Surviving adolescence, facing quarterlife, and finding oneself are all cornerstones of this story that is-at its heart-about families. The ones we create, that we hold as dear as our own blood kin, and the ones that (no matter how flawed) are a part of our identity.

Alice is thrust into adulthood after a horrifying ordeal threatens to destroy her already fragile family. She wanders amongst a labyrinth of people- a best friend whose mom is a sex therapist, a boy entrapped in an underground cult, a mother hiding a terrible secret-and experiences, strewn across her path, leading towards the life that she longs to reclaim. Along her journey, Alice must fight to overcome the ghosts of her adolescence, reconcile her family’s monstrous dysfunction, and, ultimately, make peace with herself. Her truest test comes when she must help to rescue her younger sister, Helen, from a self-destruction too much like her own.