Yesterday, I was sitting in my Grandfather’s mountain retreat with my sister-in-law. I was reading and she was watching old movies on TMC and making jewelry. Naturally, I couldn’t help but snoop through her stash (which took up multiple boxes). When I came across this little number (above) I knew I had to have it! But what makes it so special is not only how beautiful and unique this jewelry is but the purpose behind it.

My brother and sister-in-law are missionaries. It started when my brother started corresponding with a fellow Christ-follower in Uganda who ran an orphanage there. When he learned of the needs that the orphanage faced ( and that the man who ran it would not turn a single child away, no matter the financial strain), my brother decided to start a non-profit called Least of These, to raise money for people overseas who are striving to help children and adults in poverty and to give them hope. During the time that he and my sister-in-law have operated Least of These, one or both of them have traveled to the places that the organization sponsors: the orphanage in Uganda and a school in Pakistan that offers food and education to indentured children who work in the local brick kiln to pay off family debts (yes, child slavery is still quite normal in other places in the world). Soon they will be visiting India, where  Least of These supports a widow’s colony and a leper’s colony. They’ve also traveled to Israel and visited behind the Wall and spoke with both Israelis and Palestinians about the conflict there.

Lunar Breeze A.D. is an offshoot of Least of These. Pieces of each bracelet, necklace, etc. are from countries where they’ve visited. 100% of the proceeds go towards the charities that Least of These sponsors. Here’s a little more from their website: http://lunarbreezead.blogspot.com

“We procure, purchase, and pass on each item entirely at our own expense. :: 100% of the proceeds from EVERY item sold here will go directly for the featured charity, cause, or mission stated in its description. So when you adopt one of these memories, not only will you be continuing a legacy, but you will also be supporting a moment in the lives of others.”

I don’t fancy myself a solicitor but I’m a proud contributor to Least of These and think Lunar Breeze A.D. is a beautiful thing.

If unique, exotic, beautiful jewelry is your thing and you feel even better (like me) splurging on yourself for a worthy cause, check them out!