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Doterra Oils: the ones that started it all, my whole Holistic Cracker quest.

I love yard sales in the summer and, two years ago at a church rummage sale, I met a lovely lady who had little shelves full of oils. I’ve always liked the smell of essential oils, but she began talking to me about using them as medicine, which was a new concept to me.

I was skeptical of course, but she applied a little Doterra “On Guard” oil to my hands. Hours later, I was cupping my hands to my face and breathing in. It smelled so good! Like Christmas. But it also made me feel calm. I glanced at the postcard inviting me to an oil seminar the next week and decided to check it out.

I found out that the reason the On Guard smell was so comforting is because it’s an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-depressant oil (among other things),and works great inside and out of your body.

Although the eternal skeptic, I decided to give oils a go. Worse case, we’d be out a few bucks’ investment. Best case, I could say goodbye to heavy reliance on drugs and chemicals with innumerable side effects, which often stressed me out more than the actual illness.

[Who wants to read on their prescription package, “yes, this antibiotic may cure your infection, but you may have permanent damage to your bowels for all eternity; it happens”??]

But I digress.

Doterra oils can be taken medicinally and, I’m pleased to report, that over the past two and a half years of using them, I’ve chucked my allergy meds to the curb (in favor of side-effect-less Peppermint oil), have not had a sinus infection in over three years, and have not been to the doctor for a virus/cold/flu in three years (thanks to Frankincense, Oregano, On Guard, and Peppermint oils). And when I am sick, it’s significantly shorter and less severe than pre-oil viruses.

My husband, who had horrible high blood pressure for over a decade, had his first 120/80 BP reading after consistent use of Lemon and Lavender oils (taken medicinally).

My father-in-law, who is in remission for prostate cancer, uses the Frankincense oil and Cypress oil which (he claims) took care of the side effects to the cancer treatments.

I’ve also used Melaleuca to get rid of a few unsightly skin tags and a keloid from my nose ring. And I love the Balance oil (which smells like a forest in winter) for bouts of stress and anxiety.

Doterra is one company that offers therapeutic- grade, organic oils that can taken orally or applied directly to your skin. There are other companies out there that I’m sure do the same thing. Just make sure when you buy your oil that it’s organic and able to be applied/digested; otherwise, it’s no good to you.

Try essential oils. Give it a few months. See if it makes a difference for you. What have you got to lose?

All of my family’s oil use has been experimental, with the attitude of “if it works, great. If not, oh well.”

But is D-O-E-S work! There’s hope out there, yo! Seek it!