So I do Poetry Fridays with my students, and lately we’ve been watching Brave New Voices and I’ve been inspired to write again. I’m turning out poems! Here’s one I wrote today. Our topic was write about what you’re afraid of:

my brother
I am also afraid of myself
I’m afraid of where my mind goes
where Fantasy
iron diamond
my realities distorted
can never be as intoxicating as who I
imagine you to be
a puzzle doll
pieces of me
I’m afraid that I love so quickly
affections like when I recognize myself in that pain
behind your eyes
can’t get it out of my head can’t reconcile that
mirror brother
like I want to lick your tears
like my demons and yours are bed-partners and loss
runs thicker than blood
twin light dark and I can’t rescue you
but the likeness in you resurrects all I thought I’ve overcome
and it scared me that I haven’t fully moved on and maybe
we never do
but I take twisted solace in the knowing
it’s a thing not a you
kinship that stings like love
split skins that mesh black magic.