I want to capture that moment
standing outside the bar at 6am
neon sign glow on my shoulders
the sky a peri-haze
just before the sunrise
the rain-stick sheen of tires
on the street and me
nowhere to go.

I’ll save it for those mornings
I wanna skip my exit and keep
on driving
see where the wind takes me
I’ll use it when your ears close
when my heart won’t listen
when your absence drags my body
back to your bedside
when the cadence of your spirit
won’t reach me
I’ll summon it from beneath
what’s too painful to remember
like the smell of your cigarette skin

When living day to day becomes
too much to ask
and I need that
lilac-kissed freedom that
snow-topped open space
I’ll uncap that moment
the flicker
when everything is just
I’ll wear it out as joyously and as recklessly
as the moments with you
that keep me searching
writing, loving, breathing,
missing you
through another day.