This poem is dedicated to “BB” and everyone whose holidays hurt because happy days often remind of of who we’ve lost.
Robin’s eggs
and salt sea
it’s the color I’m lost
in most days
I let it suffocate me
until the taste of your tears
feels like home
it’s like Fiona said
“It’s calm under the waves
in the blue of my oblivion”
when you’ve lived long
enough in unshed selkie skins
that tie-dyed horizon
after a storm becomes
a welcome atmosphere
let your clenched fingers
holding onto phantoms
let it cloud those tomorrows
you can’t seem to stop
when it’s no longer easy
to breathe let those
fins fill your lungs with
emerald gills
when you see their spirits float
heavenward let that undulation
of ocean swell become you
no fears just floating
no grief just grace
from the bottomless black
I pray your body is too
wind-carried to reach
and the uncertain light wavers
from above
I send blessings in bottles to
breach its surface and float
to your rescue
where the color of
birthday cakes, afternoon rain
on the sidewalk, crickets
calling in the night, snowflake
fires glowing, sunrise stencils
across your bed awaits you
it hovers there
with outstretched hands
waiting for the day you’ll
take them.