I am a weather vane


Moving with your wind

In storms I am merely

The evidence of ur ever-

Changing black skies you

Reign heavy on my tin skin

Your anguish I cannot

Soak in I am dependent

On your light for the calm

When I can just be

just Still love

Until the moon pulls you

The pollution corrodes


And I

Spin again.

My breath hurts

Every inhale an anticipation

Of the direction your

Current will force me

Today I ache for you to see

How exhausting this Dance

in your raindrops Is

where I am merely a

Fixed spot hovering

between Ground and you

No rest and


Hovering above

your Warmth just out of reach

Those clouds that neither you

Nor I control


And I long to be

Desert again

An impartial catalyst

Of your heat

Where the sage brush burns

And the water runs off.