a teal Brew Thru Crew

tee you’ve had since
you’ve known me


unlike your love

you survived more
humiliation than I was
worth you made us work

swath of hair the color of
jade sea fallen over eyes
that’ve seen too much
it was that wave I loved
after the violet of winter
taken on hues of blue
the girl I never had the
courage to be and
proudly envy
with breath beats like
lion’s teeth you pour
out raised fist honesty
in overflowing anthems
of unabashed joy you
give hugs like its
the first time you’ve
seen me in years it’s
the best feeling ever
that color etched
into the sunshine folds
of a faded blanked
I remember your
gangly legs and the way
you forced your too long
limbs to contort in my lap
saying “cradle me”
we read The Wizard
of Oz when you were
eight years old and
I said what the hell am
I reading you laughing
as hard as twss jokes
drove you into mock
fits of horror we’ll
always have if the
Sabbath’s a-rockin
don’t come a
shapeshifts into
those moss-webbed
woods where trees
are the hue of childhood
peace like everything is
just okay or the emerald
piercing I waited eighteen
years to get I chose you
to represent belated beauty
envy is it too late to join
the senior girls at the
study hall table my 7th
grade self still asks and
join the sisterhood of
begrunged hippies I in
my yard sale flannel and
un-ripped jeans wanted so
badly for you to see my
kinship colors behind frizzy
curls and pastel imitations
of normal got lost in black
but we found green in those
back roads we drove for hours
radio so loud the wind
covered its ears and it was
beyond dearest treasure
to have those summer hours
with you
I am now grown in
my spirit’s skin and happiness
is in the details I couldn’t feel
their joy fully
while I was living them.