Tell me that you

will always love me

as fiercely

as you do today

as you did when you

penned that verse I pour

over like prophecy

drink in like prayer

Come on

let me have the lie

from your mouth

so I can remember the

way you voice gravel-

whispered the way

your skin smelled

when I think back

to this moment

when it was true.

After you’ve forgotten

what it felt like to need

to be saved

recall through opaque

haze heart dementia

vague when you still

wanted my wings

to be your home

before the feathers

fell out each celestial

scar a proof to prove

to myself that once I

was heaven incarnate

to you I plucked them

out to cover your tears

in swan kisses

neverminding the blood

it took or the inner peace

I pried loose when I welcomed

that sting willingly for you

those interstellar sacrifices

sufficient in the moment but

dissolute as fallen snow or

an overplayed piano you will

recall the notes but cease to

feel its tune in your bones

When I have given all

and you have taken most

when I am just the crescent-
shaped scars of a needle

you plunged to feel the fix
of a high you said could
only be my
hearth’s fire
I fear I’ve loved you blind
and while you worship
at the temple of other
goddesses my altar will
gather dust the incense
no longer burning sweet
not forgotten
worse than forgotten
when I am become the one
that made you see the sun
but covet the moon could not
give you her midnight caress
or Venus’ unbuttoned dress
when I find myself tracing
feather paths back dead ends
presence of an empty sanctuary
listening to the echo of faraway
songs penned to other goddesses
I’ll remember
that you told me
you’d always love me
as fiercely as you do today
I’ll think back to this moment
when it was true.