all I want is to go home
the place we’re all trying to
get back to
it exists in those
moments memory makes
beautiful walks forgotten halls
in the hours I would spend
lying in bed
Mazzy Star or early folk Jewel
playing I would watch the light
display of moon and headlights
waltz on darkened dancefloor
walls the crickets’ haunting cry
is still the lullaby and me with
nowhere I had to be the next
but home
It’s easy to forget the freedom
of letting your world weight
sink into plush carpet or hardwood
earth why are we so afraid with age
to curl fetal positioned surrendered
so close to the ground
we forget what letting go felt like
before our freedom seduced us into
different chains I miss when the
daydreams of the grind were
yesterday’s stolen seconds reality
I would sit in the abandoned cemetery
with only the open hay fields and
woods and forgotten souls for
company when peace was its own
poetry the rest got lost with Barbie clothes
hides in the forest with The Last Unicorn
and sleeps in gingerbread houses my
mind used to color pictures of and if there
was a bread trail traced in moonlight
leading back to mother’s arms anything
could fix would I crawl back into the
wolf’s belly so warm captive but connected
to the part of me contented to just
Sometimes I wish
she wasn’t so hard to find
All times I wish
I could take you there with me.