Enya singing
Veni Veni Emmanuel
I can pretend that I’m
not behind a desk
that I’m not getting some
foreign toxic dye shot
up my veins at 2:30 pm
and have no idea what
that’s going to be like
just know I plan to spend
the night watching Little Women
and wishing for snow and
flooding those neon veins with
cranberry and water
til I’m cleansed
but when Enya sings
Veni Veni Emmanuel
I’m surrounded by forest
watching the red slice of
cardinal graze ice-tipped
branches and plum-silvered
snow catching the light
from the clearest sky
just before the sunrise
when Mother Earth is as
clean as my veins
untainted by man-made
poisons She’s fine-cut
lazer-edged crimson
emerald haze the
clarity you only see in
winter only see when
tears turn to lace and glass
covering our sins
like Christmas
promises we sing in Latin
and in language not dead
breathing in the spaces
we so seldom stop to fill
I hold those moments we
sit around the stone-rimmed
smoke kisses and carols
Christmas is our remembrance
that the truest necessities
are gifts.