***Shout out to everyone who grew up with Dawson and the gang on the Creek***

Sweet Jen
sweet sweet Jen
You and I would have
been best friends
that sister love you
always wanted but
Joey, Andy, and Audrey
fell short of
(and don’t get me started
on Abby Morgan)
were a fresh breeze
over the creek
You were a mirror
I could see my fate through
if things had gone a different
At your core was compassion
You saw beauty in the most
abstract of places
in the broken
and when apple green eyes could
not see past the black wool of
the yesterdays they never let
you forget you combed through
those tangled matted labels
You were a phoenix
told them in the kindest way to
go to hell
keep their ashes
You knew the cold truth
of friends and loved ones who
could not look past the pain to
see the wounds
I cry every time you show up on
Jack’s door and say “I may
have been wrong
but what you’re doing to me right now
is killing me and say what you want about
me but I would never be this cruel to
anyone and especially not to you”
I’m paraphrasing of course but
sister, I reached for you
on the other
side of that mirror
having tasted the bitterness
more than once
of un-forgiveness
or maybe just cruelty
from the ones I depended on the most
that same cruelty
you felt again a year later when Jack
discarded you like outgrown shoes
this boy
who called you sister
this boy
you took into your home
whose greatest fear he once
confessed to you
“I’m afraid I’ll never love someone
as much as I love you”
turned out to be true
but only after
of abandonment
of stretching that soulmate tether as
far as it would go
You always took him back
and when you died you gave him
your daughter
A girl
and a boy
who never knew each other as lovers
but loved each other like family
Man, Jack did not deserve you
He needed you and
you needed
to be needed
and so
I gaze through the mirror at you
feeling the tug of my own
kindred spirit tether
hoping happy endings don’t
only exist in fiction
it pisses me off to no end
that they killed you
Did the writers know that your death
would be the most tragic because it
was the least deserving?
You broke my heart again with the poise
and resignation of a princess
leaving a peasant’s party
because she was never really
welcome and didn’t belong
there anyway
You who were always third wheel
to the people you loved the most
Jen Lindley
I look through the mirror
and see what might have been
if things had gone differently
sweet sweet Jen
You were nothing short of a
heroine to me.