I never want you
to think the
silence on my end
means that I’ve stopped
have forgotten
or don’t miss you
I’ve been thinking
a lot about King Solomon
and the two women who
came to him
arguing over the same child
both claiming to be its mother
The king orders the baby to be
sawed in two
the first women says Yes, that
will satisfy me
The second cries and pleads
with the king
give the child to
the first women
but let it live
Growing up I was taught the
moral of the story was how wisely
the king solved the problem
but that conclusion misses the
whole point
it misses everything
The second woman loved her son
enough to let him go
rather than see him torn in two
that was the mark of the true mother
That is the mark of true love
For child, friend, brother, parent, or lover
I’ve spent my whole life
sawing babies in two
Fighting over fractions of hearts I felt were
due ME
hearts I helped to break between choices
they should never have had to make
child vs. spouse
daughter vs. son
I was not whole enough to let go
of my end of the wishbone
of selfish dreams that would never
come true
I have learned enough now
been loved enough now
to know
that I cannot do that to you
So I will never ask you to choose
even if others do
But just so we’re clear
never doubt for a second
how much I love you.