I couldn’t stop listening to this song while I wrote this. The lyrics are inconsequential; this is the sound my soul was making.

The way I love you
wouldn’t cause any notes
on a scandal

yet every contact I
get from you is a high
it’s true
I drop tears from
missing you

just as the selkie
weaves sea glass from
salt to remember the place
she longs to return to
I remember you

Those who think they
know what’s between us
would surely be disappointed
if I admitted I miss the smell
of your hair when you’d hold
me close, it’s not because I
covet that which is not mine
to have or to keep

there’s a Spirit that wove
this thread between us
and for me no other
explanation is needed

Love, I don’t wanna weigh you
down with gifts you don’t want
with stupid things
like cooking you food
like laughing with you
being your safe place
in bad dreams
an anchor when everyone
else is busy making waves

Love, I don’t wanna weigh you
down with offerings you
no longer need
I am but a poor replacement
a stand-in mother but I
love you like the real thing

I am a strange hybrid of
loved one and friend but
you’re a permanent heartstring
like the real thing

Love, I don’t wanna weigh you
down if I’m the only one
bending in the heavy of
living without the other
In this, one of my longest
years, I’ve tried to grow
a tougher skin
a tamer tongue
a safer distance
All the things I think you want

But with you
I fail so easily
You, I have loved
so recklessly

But if
when your feet
touch ground
when you’ve tired
of flight if you find
the fixed point of
my soul is still
in your sights
come back to me.