Thin Places (Coming Fall 2017)

If there is one thing that dominates our lives as much as love, it is loss.

In Thin Places, Tabitha Vohn chronicles the journey through one of her most painful experiences of loss, grief, the search for introspection, and the slow road to healing.

Through  self-examination and spirituality, as well as portraits of loved ones, fictional heroines, and lost souls, Thin Places declares that love is not a choice, but how we love, is.



Only for a Moment

I saw him
Couldn’t leave him where I found him
He changed my life irrevocably
Reminded me of the loves and losses
All pieces of me.

Intensely personal, shamelessly honest, and oftentimes an admission of inner ugliness, Only for a Moment explores ideas of transience, transition, and redemption through the battlegrounds of metamorphosis from young girl to woman.

Each poem presents a snapshot; a puzzle piece of what ultimately becomes a collective consciousness. A road map to trace back through the labyrinth of people and experiences that define us.





A Different Path (Coming Soon)

Surviving adolescence, facing quarterlife, and finding oneself are all cornerstones of this story that is-at its heart-about families. The ones we create, that we hold as dear as our own blood kin, and the ones that (no matter how flawed) are a part of our identity.

Alice is thrust into adulthood after a horrifying ordeal threatens to destroy her already fragile family. She wanders amongst a labyrinth of people–a best friend whose mom is a sex therapist, a boy entrapped in an underground cult, a mother hiding a terrible secret–and experiences, strewn across her path, leading towards the life that she longs to reclaim. Along her journey, Alice must fight to overcome the ghosts of her adolescence, reconcile her family’s monstrous dysfunction, and, ultimately, make peace with herself.  Her truest test comes when she must help to rescue her younger sister, Helen, from a self-destruction too much like her own.

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Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Cal Morrison is a Midwestern farmboy who was thrust into fame during the Old Hollywood era. Now, at eighty-five, he sees his life as wreckage. At the mere age of twenty-four, Eileen has seemingly little in common with Cal, except that she fell in love with him on screen.

When Cal and Eileen meet by chance, she discovers that her feelings for him are not without merit, and he sees in her a chance for true love and, more importantly, for redemption.

A controversial experiment offers the key to them both. With the help of a German scientist, Eileen will enter Cal’s memory and, together, the two will create an alternate reality within the realm of dreams. Replacing the memory of his first wife (his leading lady in his most controversial film, The Last Tomorrow), Eileen will step into the 1960’s and discover whether love can exist between her and Cal, and whether loving him unconditionally will be powerful enough to alter the course of his destructive future.

But there is one thing that neither has fully considered: what happens once they wake?

Tomorrow is a Long Time asks the question of how powerful one person’s influence can be in our lives, the lengths we go to for love, and whether it is worth it.

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Requiem For The Fallen

Tabitha never believed that the hardcore rock artist who had dominated her fantasies and haunted her dreams would actually feel the same, powerful connection to her. Driven to him by an irreconcilable force that she couldn’t conquer, Tabitha finds herself in the embrace of a man who is both her soul mate and her spiritual opposite. Together, they bind each other’s hearts, recklessly ignoring the fatal imperfections of their relationship in a desperate attempt to fulfill their soul’s desire. When their frustrations towards sex, commitment, and monogamy mount to a tempestuous climax and threaten to destroy their union, both must make a decision about the extent to which they are willing to sacrifice in devotion to the other.

Requiem for the Fallen is an experiment in the boundaries of love. It is a tale of choices, redemption, and the childlike hope that believes in a power that can change even the most damaged of hearts.

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Finding What Is

Willie has always lived an unconventional life. Surrounded by the sensual, ethereal images of her artist-mother, she fantasizes about the half-wolf, half-human, but all-gorgeous face that stares out at her from her mother’s wall, and drinks in her mother’s stories of past lovers and adventures. She shares her home with a man who calls himself “uncle” (who stalks her through the house, naked). Her closest friends are a band of misfits who’ve forged their own way in life-including Xavier, who has carved his name in her soul- and her heart is torn between him and a college professor, a fellow artist who wants more than a student-teacher relationship.

Willie stands on the brink of womanhood poised to follow in her mother’s footsteps, with a gleaming future as an artist looming before her, and a maturity beyond her years that has enabled her to be the protector and caretaker of others, a mender of wounds. But as a devastating illness rips her mother from her life, Willie is left bereft of a home and of a sense of self. Guided only by her instincts, Willie wanders from her Professor’s arms to the home that Xavier shares with his live-in girlfriend Nicole (who insists that they can “share”). Her path becomes a search for peace, for family, for a love that’s real, and for her place in this world.

Finding What Is chronicles the journey that we all must take-to find ourselves, to reconcile our past, and to get back to that place we once called home.

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